Are you an audacious go-getter, eager to thrive alongside a crew of savvy DTC data enthusiasts and imaginative virtuosos?

Excel and grow with a multi-cultural group of humans who work remotely, but feel like family.

We live and work by 6 core principles!


Teamwork Makes
the Dream Work

We constantly seize opportunities to lend a hand to our teammates, and aren’t shy about seeking assistance when needed. Collaboration is in our DNA.


Bring The Joy

We foster joy and craft an uplifting atmosphere, becoming a beacon amidst daily challenges. We uplift one another, appreciating and celebrating each individual’s unique talents and achievements.


Never Stop Learning

We dwell in the realm of solutions, not problems. We perceive every scenario as a chance to evolve and learn, and we never shy away from raising queries.


Ability 2 Figure Shit Out

We’re self-starters. Before seeking assistance, we actively seek out solutions to our challenges. Resourcefulness and initiative are our trademarks.


Crystal Clarity

We believe in the power of clear communication to eliminate confusion and inefficiency. We’re always improving our internal communication, ensuring clarity in all we do.


Surprise and Delight

We value the power of awe in every interaction. We strive to inject surprise and delight into our client relationships and aim to pass this enchantment on to their customer engagements.

Check out the open positions.

Mail-Aid is in search of innovative Copywriters to craft compelling and succinct email marketing flows and campaigns. Your engaging content will not only resonate with target audiences but also align with the product voice and client expectations.

We’re on the hunt for a collaborative, proficient, and creative writer with a keen eye for detail. If you’re quick to grasp project requirements and bring valuable insights, we’d love to connect.

Type of contract: Freelance/Full Time

⚡ Craft clear, engaging copy with a unique voice;
⚡ Comprehend copywriting briefs to grasp project requirements;
⚡ Collaborate with designers, Account Managers, and CSMs on email marketing projects (e.g., email campaigns and landing pages);
⚡ Conduct comprehensive, high-quality research;
⚡ Proofread and edit copy as required;

Requirements and skills:
⚡ Demonstrable experience with Email Marketing copy (portfolio);
⚡ Proficiency in online content strategy and creation;
⚡ Stellar writing, editing, and proofreading skills;
⚡ Robust research skills;
⚡ Creativity;
⚡ Teamwork-oriented mindset;
⚡ Excellent time-management and organizational skills.

If you think you’re a perfect match, we’d love to hear more about you

Are you skilled in crafting graphics for marketing material? Have you created assets for Facebook Ads, email graphics, eCommerce brand collaterals, or anything similar?

We’re seeking a FULL-TIME Graphic Designer to join our Mail-Aid team.

You must be adept with Illustrator and Photoshop and possess an exceptional ability to be creative and versatile (as you’ll work across diverse brands).

What we’re looking for in all applicants:

⚡ Affable & Enthusiastic: We should enjoy spending copious amounts of time together.
⚡ Dependable, Trustworthy, Detail-oriented, Organized: We can consistently rely on you to accomplish what you’ve committed to. You possess a keen eye for detail and are proficient in time management and organization.
⚡ A Fast Learner: Ready and willing to invest time and effort to learn about email marketing, copywriting, etc. – the learning journey is perpetual.
⚡ A Multi-Tasker: You’re comfortable juggling multiple tasks/projects simultaneously and can work independently with ease

If you were invited by one of the Executives to apply for this position. Let us know a bit more about you.

If you were invited by one of the Executives to apply for this position. Let us know a bit more about you.

Ready to bring your A-game? Apply below.
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